Zojirushi Stainless Steel Bottle 0.45L Pink (SC-ZS45-PA)


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About this item

  • Thermal insulation effect (six hours): 72 ℃ or more
  • Cold insulation effect (six hours): 10 ℃ or less
  • Material: Stainless steel, PP


Lid opens with "Cop straw" one-touch two ways how to drink, straw comes out. It is the bottle easy to drink even a small child. ※ When using a straw is cold only. Do not have to worry about the forgetting to close because there is a clicking feeling when closing the cup "cup and click" without forgetting to close. Easy to have! Has been reduced to about 1mm a vacuum layer while maintaining the thermal insulation, cold insulation power in SLiT design of lightweight compact Zojirushi own. Because it is easy to carry and easy to use, even outing to office use, it is recommended in the mug of various scenes. It is easy to care for, clean and keep the bottle at any time! * It is easy to fall smell and inner fluorine coat ... color is hard to rest. Water is not left to shield not easy to wash to ... Sen. · Please do not leave the body circle ... underwater. Thermal insulation, cold insulation power is high! "High thermal insulation, cold insulation power" of the stainless steel vacuum thermos double structure. I will keep for a long time the temperature of the drink. ※ cold water / 4 ℃ is 9 ℃ less than six hours after 70 ℃ or even six hours after the hot water of 95 ℃. Other big ice-nameplate, also enter easily "wide population of about 5cm", removable lower string


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