Zojirushi Glass Lined Vacuum Insulated Handy Pot, 1.85 litres, Metallic Gray (AFFB-19-HX)


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  • High quality vacuum glass liner with excellent heat retention
  • One-touch pour
  • Handy pot with easy touch quick serve button
  • Thermal carafe keeps liquid hot or cold
  • Handy push-button "open" and "closed" valve with indicator on lid
  • Swivel base
  • Hand wash with warm water
Zojirushi thermal carafes have a singular purpose beyond their ability to maintain the temperature of the beverage they contain, they keep your drinks close by. Notice the handle. The better to grab one and pour, anytime you feel like it. Even hours after you have forgotten it was there, the dependable Zojirushi carafe sits by your side, ready to serve up a cup of refreshment. And surprise, the coffee is still hot or the ice water is still cold. The premium thermal carafe features contemporary yet classic styling along with an easy-touch quick serve button and large handle for safer and easier serving. Vacuum glass liner provides excellent heat retention. About the brand: Zojirushi (pronounced ‘zoh-jee-roo-shee’) began in Japan in 1918 as a manufacturer of hand-blown glass vacuum bottles. Today, Zojirushi' s product line extends to high-end small appliances such as rice cookers, bread makers and coffee makers, high quality vacuum insulated products like vacuum bottles, lunch jars and carafes, commercial restaurant and coffee equipment. In the past few years, Zojirushi has enhanced the focus on design and how appliances fit into everyday lives with the introduction of a variety of new products. The name Zojirushi means “Elephant brand” in Japanese.

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